Ugly Faces

Strange, experimental, generative NFT art!
Project Info
Ugly Faces are bold, modern NFT art pieces. Their expressive shapes will complement any collection. And the generative component makes them even more valuable!
Every Ugly Face NFT changes daily, generating a new, unique facial expression through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. An NFT can be paused to stop the process and preserve the current face.
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Long-term holders can enjoy:


Physical copies

Vitaliy Lishko, the project artist, can replicate a paused token on an 51,18 х 51,18-inch canvas with acrylics.

Discord Pass

Meet devs, artists, and even the founder in an exclusive Discord server, and influence the project

WL Spots

Ugly Faces diamond holders will have more opportunities to get gifts, whitelists, and other rewards


Electronic Team, our web2 origin brand, will reward holders with free software licenses
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Meet the artist
Vitaliy Lishko is a well-known Ukrainian web artist. His works explore the symbiotic connection between art and technology, and they’re sought by many collectors. Examples of Vitaliy’s art can be found here:

Electronic Team, Inc.

US-based software corporation with chart-topping entries on the App Store (Elmedia Player, among others)

Roman Kropachek

Ukrainian-born entrepreneur from Florida, USA. 20+ years experience in running nine-figure startups

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